Booking Now Open!

Booking is now open for our Mythological Panoramas conference, taking place at Senate House, London, on the 4th October 2018. Click here to reserve your place. Check out our programme of wonderful speakers: 9:30-10:00: Registration and Coffee 10:00-10:15: Welcome from the organisers 10.15-11.30: Panel 1: Myth and the City Sayan Skandarajah (The Bartlett School of […]

From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow…

Abigail Walker, Department of Classics, King’s College London, writes about her mythological experience of Iceland. As a Classicist, most of the mythological landscapes I encounter are remote in both time and place, they are lands to which I can never venture and which barely even exist within mortal life experience. But then, I went to […]

Jodocus Hondius’ 1611 map of the Strait of Magellan

Flemish cartographer Jodocus Hondius’ 1611 map of the Strait of Magellan. Surrounded by mysterious sea creatures, the large text and compass rose used to fill the great unknown southern landmass show just how little Europeans knew about this region, even almost 100 years after Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. Library of Congress, Washington DC.